L-Dopa-Slows Aging Process & Boosts Dopamine Function 2018

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L-Dopa is part of the amino acid family which helps regulates hormones. This hormone is naturally made in plants and animals. We as humans produce it through biosynthesis, this comes from the amino acid called L-tyrosine. -L-Dopa acts as a precursor to all of our neurotransmitters. dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine are included in these vital neurotransmitters. -The amazing thing about …

smart Nora product review

Smart Nora-Smart Anti-Snoring Device -Product Review 2018

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Smart Nora is an anti-snoring device sleep aid. It’s a multi-component smart listening device that will sit next to you or underneath your bed. It’s non-invasive so there’s no equipment attached to you like an anti snoring mouthpiece. It uses a listening device called the pebble and it will be placed on your enable. When the snoring is detected by …